Weekly Classes

       When enrolled in the month-long immersions, please join us (at no extra charge) in small group yoga practice          

       each week.  If interested in attending the classes only, please submit an inquiry on the Contact page for

       additional information and pricing. 





                             3:30 - 4:45PM Gentle Yoga                                 3:30 - 4:45PM Mindful Hatha Yoga



Please Note: The studio will be closed from Thursday, September 19 until Sunday, September 29. Reopens October 1, 2019.




Learn how yoga, tai chi and meditation can help you manage your         

stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, addiction or physical pain. 

                                                                              Enrollment is ongoing!  

Call 508.883.1402 or submit an inquiry on the Contact page.


   New Beginnings

    One Month Starter Immersion

     Start a passion for yoga or tai chi,  

     experience mind/body practices and 

     find which one works best for you.

     Private Yoga or Tai Chi/Qigong sessions, 3 times/month

     Private Reiki session, 1 time/month



   A Whole, Healthy & Happy You

    Transform Yourself.  Transform Your World.

    In-depth Immersion

     Immerse yourself in the experiential poses, practice and           philosophy of yoga.  Create a healthier and happier 

     you through developing a mind/body practice. 

     Accelerate your personal transformation with private                instructions designed to give you the information,                    resources and tools in a concentrated form.

     Private Yoga sessions, 3 times/month

     Private Reiki session, 1 time/month



     Minimum 6-month commitment